I can’t tell you how many times I heard thank God this year is over and hopefully 2022 is better. I must be blessed beyond measure and am very thankful for the year I had. My husband is alive and healthier than I can remember. We both survived Covid and neither of us got really sick. We got to spend time with family, celebrate new family members and have said good bye to special friends. The friends I lost I have a great hope that I will get to sing Holy, Holy, Holy, beside them someday. We spent time camping and enjoying life a bit more with a less demanding chore lists this past year. We both started new hobbies and enjoyed old ones. Duane started a new job back with the company he was with when we got married and they are rewarding him for his hard work. I am now old enough to have a lot of titles, Oma, Grandma, Aunt, Great Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Sister-in-law, cousin, niece and friend. I am thankful for every special person God put in my life. I couldn’t be happier or more blessed by the wonderful people God has given me.

  I have included some pictures of the gifts I have been working on these past months. I can tell you the Barbie Chelsea doll is not an easy one to sew for. Her head is so big and her body is very small to make any kind of shirt with a Velcro or snap enclosure.  I was successful at knitting a sweater and hat for the Chelsea that is for my older granddaughter that is in the Philippines, and also making skirts to go with her painted on top out of ribbon. I simply sewed the ribbons together or used one and a half inch ribbon and just sewed string elastic into one side of the ribbon. I hand stitched it using the button hole stitch but you could use a wider zigzag stitch so that the elastic can move freely in the space between the stitches. Once I had the stitches in I pulled the elastic loose enough to go over the doll’s hips and tight enough to fit her waist.  I then tied the two ends together and sewed the back seam. I have a few more of these skirts to make for my granddaughter here in the states but think she will need to be a bit older to have the ability to take the sweater off and on as the doll’s hand gets caught easily in the fabric and it is difficult to get them through the sleeve.

I am a person who needs a little alone time to recharge after being in a crowd of people. Duane’s daughter and older grandson were sick I am glad that the other kids didn’t get sick at Duane’s daughter’s home and this allowed for some recharge time between Holiday gatherings for me. We got a wonderful surprise that my brother from Nashville Tenn. was coming in to see mom on the Thursday before Christmas along with His wife, son, daughter, her husband and two grandsons. We all got together for a Pizza party there. Friday and Saturday we would have traveled to Chicago land to see grandchildren and then be back in Indiana for my family gathering on Sunday. Instead we stayed home and had a quiet Christmas Eve. We had Lunch Christmas day with Katie, Jr., their kids and Duane’s sister Linda and her husband.  The day after Christmas we took a load of wood to a friend that was there for me so many times before I met Duane. We went to Church with her and then to another family gathering. I finally got to meet my newest great nieces Angela and Delaney. I got to hold them for a bit but there was a lot of competition for time with the new babies. I loved seeing the new parents. The look in their eyes and the love on their faces for these little bundles of joy were priceless. I was able to get little pillows embroidered for the twins in the color their mom did their little room in. It was also wonderful catching up with all of my family. I am so thankful for each one.

Duane went back to work Tuesday and we left New Years Eve morning to see our family in Chicago land. The first thing my one grandson asked me was do you have my socks done. He was so excited to get the socks he helped me make for Christmas and put them on right away. The hat was not as successful a gift though. My other grandson loved it and put it right on but quickly took it off. Later we took him somewhere with us and I noticed he was scratching his ears and kept moving the hat up so it didn’t touch his ears. He loved the little pom on top of his hat but I think I need to make him one out of something softer than wool.  I am still working on a twin size afghan for my granddaughter. I am about 2\3 done spinning the wool and crocheting the afghan. I will dye it purple using Kool-Aid when I am done. I used very berry Kool-Aid on the hat and added a couple drops of blue food coloring. There are multiple you tube videos on how to dye wool with Kool-Aid and food coloring. I really enjoyed spending time with the kids. Because of bad weather forecasted for Sunday Duane took Monday off. We had a long weekend with the kids and with the slower Holiday pace got to spend more time with the older girls too. I am so proud of them both and love the beautiful young ladies they are becoming.

Monday we were in our quiet little house and even took a short walk that evening. I got quite a ways before my hip growled a bit and we headed back to the house. I was also able to do a deeper squat than I have been able to in a long time. Hopefully I am finally healing but will make an appointment to get things checked out and make sure. I am so glad we had today for the drive home and a quiet afternoon before Duane goes back to work. It was nice to have that us time after the busy Holidays. As I look back on my year the one theme that sums up what God has been speaking to me is seek first the kingdom of God and he will add everything else that you need into your life. My husband’s favorite scripture sums it up beautifully. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want (I have everything I need). God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.

It has taken me a long time to get this post on. My Aunt Passed away and I wanted to spend her last days with her.