I think nature is a bit mixed up these days. Rain and 50 to 60 degrees one day and sleet and freezing temps the next.  The figs are hanging on in the green house, but their leaves are falling off. The lettuce is not growing very fast however I did pick a radish that was ready. On the way back to the house I got another surprise for December. With the rain and warmer days I got a bigger batch of mushrooms off the stump out the south door of the house. I have a quart of mushroom gravy and 9 half pints of just mushrooms canned for gravy in the future. I spent most of the week spinning and working on presents. I got a couple more done and am thinking one I will have to just tell the person it is still in progress. After a couple nights of falling asleep at the wheel I decided it can be an in progress gift. I would rather be rested going into the week to come.   I want to spend some time doing the things that are more important, like taking our friend Mel to see the Christmas lights. Something his wife and I did in our younger years and we have done with him since his wife passed away. It was good to hear his voice and see him smile again after not going the last year with the danger of spreading Covid. With all the activities these next couple weeks I will let you all know I will be back after the first of the year with pictures of the gifts I was working on and reports of all the fun I have had with family and friends.  Tonight I am going to go to bed a bit earlier and will try to get caught up on my sleep. It won’t be long and the days will start getting longer and the nights shorter. Looking back I am amazed at how the Lord has blessed Mr. Wade and I this past year. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.