It has been another week of working on Christmas presents. I have a couple pictured here. Still spinning and working on others. It has been another week of quick easy meals. We had Veggie sorghum cakes with mashed white beans and oyster mushroom gravy one day. Our stump south of the house blessed us again with mushrooms in December. I should get another harvest this week again if they keep growing like they are now. Another couple days we had a half slice of rye bread with spicy peach jam, chick pea pasta with a jar of broccoli and mock cheese sauce over the top and minty pears for desert. The last of the tomatoes in the root cellar got ripe so we had a salad with black beans and rice and pico de gallo to top it off. I actually found some fresh cilantro still growing in the leaves piled on them in the garden. This was so tasty with some baked tortilla chips crumbled on top.

I have had some trouble with my eyes seeing floaters and flashes of light at night so I went to an ophthalmologist Wednesday. What a relief it is to know my eyes are fine. They are going to keep an eye on it though because of my family history of detached retina. It sure makes a gal thankful for the gift of sight to work through this natural part of aging. I started spinning some wool in the grease (with the lanolin still in it) the later part of the week. I sure wish I knew more about the different kinds of wool. I have gotten into the bags of the finer wool and started spinning them. I finished some last night and once washed was amazed at how soft and fluffy it is. Almost like baby yarn. I also finished the socks my grandson helped me with and a hat for his brother who can be a bit jealous. The hat was made from knobby wool I combed out of the other wool I spun. I thought these fibers were too short to spin, but they worked up into a wonderful lumpy yarn. Once I finished the hat I had fun dyeing it in koolaid, food coloring and vinegar. I love how it turned out. We will see if I get the last couple things I am working on done in time. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.