Knitting, Sewing, Spinning, Crocheting, Wrapping and Mailing.

I have had my hands busy this week. We ate leftovers and took advantage of the foods canned for a quick meal. One package has been sent to Kansas City and everything is ready to be boxed and sent to Japan and the Philippines. Other gifts have arrived and are wrapped ready for Christmas celebrations. I have one of my grandson’s socks done and am hoping to be able to get another one to turn out enough like it to make a pair. He was so patient setting on my lap learning how I knit I would like to have them for him the next time we see him. I got a couple of chin straps made for my husband’s C-pap. I do not want to reveal some of the sewing I have done until after Christmas. All I can say is that I have a couple projects that I am hoping I can complete on time.

I also had a wonderful visit from my friend Julie Davidson. I finally was able to return her carding paddles and drop spindle. I was so excited to show her what I had been up to and to thank her for getting me started spinning wool. I am so thankful for her instructions.

Today I was totally blown away. I went back with Duane to cut wood, I knitted and he cut. We picked up all the beautiful pumpkins I had setting in the yard and took them back in the woods for the wildlife to eat. Pumpkins are a natural wormer and will make for healthier animals in the woods. When back to the house I had some tamale’s thawed. I found ripe tomatoes in the root cellar, and made a jaunt to the garden. I was so thankful to find lots of cilantro hiding in the leaves covering my herb beds. I then went to the green house to water. Walking out of the green house I noticed oyster mushrooms again attached to the poplar stump table. We will have a treat the first of next week. Maybe we’ll have some sorghum patties and mushroom gravy.

I am excited to show all the little projects I have worked on after the Holidays. It was wonderful spending the time with Duane in the woods and setting in the truck knitting in the bright sunshine. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.