My friend Teresa Akey will be going back into the work force and Rachel will be leaving for Florida so we got together Monday for lunch. It was fun hearing about everyone’s plans for the Holidays and the future. I am excited for them both and hope they enjoy their winter endeavors.  

After that I spent the first part of the week spinning and cooking for our family gatherings. It was so good getting together again for a family holiday. My big brother and his wife were so gracious to host Thanksgiving Day at their house. It was fun getting to meet his new wife’s family and spending time with my mom, brothers and sisters and their families. There was lots of good food and laughter as we caught up on what was going on in everyone’s lives. I especially enjoy seeing all the kids in the next generations coming up. My sister-in-law had a wonderful craft for the kids to work on. Each had their own painting canvas and markers to make a picture for their bedroom. From the youngest to the oldest they all seemed to enjoy creating their own masterpieces. Time with the family watching everyone grow and change gives me hope for the future. It is amazing how much the kids have grown and changed in the last couple years.

Friday Duane cut wood while I packed our bags and the food to take off for Chicago land to see our grandchildren there. My son-in-law made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for us all. As his kids say, “He is the best cook.”  I took gingerbread men and things to decorate them down for the grandkids and we had fun with that. It is always hard to leave the grandkids when we go home. This time both of the High School girls were home and I enjoyed spending time with them too. I even got to go with my granddaughter to Hobby Lobby. Kind of our thing to do when I am there. She has her learners permit and I let her drive. We both did a whole lot better than the first time she drove with me in the car. LOL

I am also very proud of my oldest granddaughter as I see her growing and maturing. I love seeing her grow. Her and her grandpa have a special relationship that makes me smile when I hear them laughing and joking together.

The thing that surprised me the most was my 6 year old grandson. I was knitting and he crawled up on my lap wanting to learn how. He actually sat on my lap and with help worked the needles and thread for several stitches before wanting to get down and play. To my surprise he repeatedly came back working at it again and again. By the time we left he was making some of the moves with the thread and needle by himself. They are all growing so fast.

We left there Sunday morning and stopped to go to church at Momentum Church in Crown Point Indiana. Pastor Charlie was a pastor at a church Duane used to attend. The service was very powerful. Pastor had a sermon but did not give it. Instead he had others give their testimonies of what they were thankful for. He then had a testimony from a young couple on how they came to Christ. It was very touching and I am expecting God to move through these dynamic young people.

If you find yourself in a busy week like we have had a little idea for a quick vegan meal. Warm up some corn tortillas, mix some rice and refried beans together. Fix tacos with the above ingredients using the beans and rice instead of meat. Then add your toppings of choice. I like chopped onions and cilantro with a drizzle of fresh squeezed lime juice. You could add lettuce, tomatoes, pico or guacamole. Fill it with whatever you have on hand that you like. It is so quick, easy and tasty. If you want it more like what you get in a restaurant you can smear a little of the beans between two corn tortillas and then make your taco.

Tonight we are finally home in our nice warm house with a fire in the wood furnace and the promise of our own bed to sleep in. I always feel like Dorothy in the wizard of OZ when I return home after a busy week. As wonderful as it is to spend time with loved ones there is just something about returning home and realizing how blessed you truly are. There is truly no place like home. God is good and I am blessed here on the Wade Homestead.