Fall is perhaps my favorite time of year. Our conservation ground and the woods are filled with bright yellows, dark evergreens, and burgundies, reds and oranges. I have told Duane more than once that no matter where we have gone to see fall colors the most beautiful scene is from the cemetery hill just before we get to the house. With the late fall rains I think this year has been the most spectacular I have seen. Wish I would have gotten a picture when the colors were brighter.

The first of the week I dug the parsnips and when I went to the root cellar for something I found tomatoes that needed canned. I also pulled the last of the bean plants and stripped them of their beans. Monday and Tuesday were spent snipping and shelling beans and canning the other produce.

Wednesday was a day away. I went to lunch with friends, then grocery shopping in Ft. Wayne, then to a meeting with our financial advisor and topped it off with supper at a little Vietnamese restaurant that I love.  It is off of Dupont Road in that little strip mall behind Casa Grill.

At lunch I was surprised by my friend Rachel who will leave for Florida soon. She gave me a beautiful painting named October Lilacs. Her sentiment and what those lilacs signified to me touched my heart deeply. She also gave my friend Teresa a painting of one of her sheep. What precious gifts they were. Rachel is the great granddaughter of the famous painter, Charles S. Raleigh. This gift will be a treasure to me for years to come. Who knows maybe someday Rachel will be as popular as her great grandfather for her paintings.

 I cut out on the girls early and headed for Ft. Wayne. I needed to get groceries before an appointment at 3:30. I was able to get everything I needed to get and got to my appointment with 2 minutes to spare. This meeting was so productive and a couple more things are in place to get ready for retirement. I would recommend Ameriprise to anyone I know. I would also recommend starting to plan for your retirement years as early as you can. Ameriprise has made us money even when other investments were losing. We have also gotten several tips that have saved us a tremendous amounts of money that would have been lost if we had not been informed. Hopefully over the next 4 to 5 years we will be set to enjoy our golden years.

The little Vietnamese restaurant is just a little hole in the wall kind of place but their food is so good.  It may be a place I need to go with someone besides Duane though. The dish he picked gave him a high sugar reading the next morning so there may be a bit more sugars in their sauces or noodles than he should have. On my way home after dinner I was overwhelmed by the beautuful sunset. I had to stop and get a picture of it. I loved how the sun looked between this farm’s out buildings.

Thursday was a day of making cookies and brownies for our trip and getting all the food ready for a weekend away. I have been seeing “floaters” in my eyes lately and called the eye doctor mid morning. He got me right in that afternoon and after some testing said I had nothing to worry about it should correct itself in a few weeks.  It threw me off a bit on getting packed to go camping but we pulled it off. Friday morning we headed to Leiber State Recreation Area campground. We stopped at my mom’s on the way there. We had some trim boards that would work to repair a problem on her house.  We took our time getting there enjoying the fall colors. The little campground was beautiful with nice campsites. We reserved a spot in a little circle at the end of one of the sections. There were 4 campsites all facing each other. It would be perfect for a small group of campers to camp because the way it is set up all the campers face into the center of the circle.  Friday we ended up chasing down some parts to fix a leaky propane line that would run our heater that night so we did not get to have a fire. Saturday started out cold but sunny and beautiful. We hiked trails at Cataract Falls and Duane was patient with me. I was fighting a bit of a gimpy leg left from overdoing it the week before. He took the more difficult trails and got some really good pictures while I stayed on the more straight and narrow trails LOL. We hiked, rode bicycles, and enjoyed setting by the fire.

We got up early Sunday morning and headed home. We were here by lunch time and may take a walk later this afternoon. I always enjoy going and seeing different things but in the end there is no place like home. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.