Short nights and early mornings were my friend this week.  Monday morning I made a trip to Shipshewana for some fall and winter supplies. Salt, rolled oats, etc. etc. I love E&S for their different flours, grains and spices that are usually reasonable. I also find some really good bargains when I go. Seems I am always prompted at just the right time to get something special. This time they had beautiful big heads of cauliflower for just $2.99 and Jonagold apples for just 69 cents a pound. Duane would love a fresh apple crisp and it would go really well with some black walnut ice-cream I have tucked away in the freezer for my little cheat on our vegan diet.

Tuesday with threats of a freeze I woke up early and cleared a large part of the garden of plants that would freeze, putting their produce in buckets to put up later. Between plants and weeds I filled our truck bed with the refuse from the garden. I had 4 five gallon buckets filled with produce to process this week. That night as I was winding down to go to bed I got a message from the guy I had gotten free pavers from. He had more for me and I needed to go get them the next morning.

Wednesday morning before I could go get the pavers I needed to unload the weeds and plants in the truck. They seemed to weigh more unloading than they did loading.  By the time I got to the house with the pavers I was already tired. The young man giving me the pavers was gracious and helped me load them but I still over did it not wanting to take advantage of his generosity.  The pavers he had put me that much closer to my goal of having pavers between my 5 rows of asparagus. For this I am thankful. I had a couple hours to work on what needed done at home before Duane got home from work. He unloaded the pavers and we headed to town for our neighbor’s viewing who had passed on. It was good seeing people we don’t see that often but hard to say good bye to a beautiful friend.

The next morning I was up early doing a little before going to the funeral. What a beautiful tribute it was to Ruth’s life. The best part was when the pastor said that in November 2020 my friend Ruth said the sinner’s prayer with her son. Now I know it was just a see you later service. I will miss our long talks and all the knowledge she had to share, but am happy she is no longer suffering.

Somewhere between the activities of the week I roasted sweet peppers, poblano peppers, cleaned and peeled tomatoes and canned them all. Also after a discussion with my husband about what it costs to run the extra deep freeze, I looked into how to dry can dry goods instead of freezing them until using. I started dry canning rice, beans, oats, etc. Some of the beans I harvested still have quite a bit of moisture in them so I put them in the dehydrator before canning them. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we will be able to unplug one of the freezers. It also makes it a lot easier to see what I have at a glance in the root cellar where everything is arranged on shelves where it is more visible. I wanted to get more bean burgers made and managed to put those in the freezer too. By Saturday night Duane had cut a full load of wood and also split a partial load.  We were both tired and he fell asleep before bed time.

Sunday morning we were heading to see my mom an hour and a half away. We would go to my old church in the little community where she lives and then to her house to spend the day with her. The spirit was sweet at that little church as we sang some old hymns and listened to a sermon about not giving up but moving forward with what we feel like God is calling us to. I went to mom’s feeling refreshed and we had a relaxing afternoon visiting with her. Duane worked with mom teaching her some new things on her phone and I enjoyed seeing what she had done to her yard to make it easier for her to maintain. We came home to a beautiful sunset and when we returned to the house Duane put on praise music. I believe I even heard him doing dishes. Precisely what makes him my hero all those little moments where he steps in and takes up the slack of what I am not able to get done in our busy days. God is good and I am blessed here on the Wade Homestead.

On a side note Mr. Wade was my hero again. After he had gone to sleep I thought I heard it raining. After a while I realized I wasn’t hearing it hit the windows in our bedroom. Upon getting up I found Niagara falls running down our basement steps. Water was spraying everywhere. Seems at some point the line running to the outside faucet had been bumped or something and it was spraying all over the mudroom and up on the ceiling of the stairway to the basement. Poor Mr Wade got a rude awakening a couple hours after falling to sleep. He turned off the water and fixed the spraying pipe and was back in bed within 10 minutes of me waking him frantically. He stayed calm through it all. If that is not hero status than I am not sure what is.