This week I weeded the parsnips, picked and froze the cabbage, canned garbanzo beans and salsa. I also harvested and shelled a lot of beans. Every day I would go out and pick a big bag or basket of beans and then work sometimes into the night shelling them. It seems like a lot of work for the results, but for a vegan they are the equivalent to many steak dinners and my new hobby is shelling beans until they are all tucked away for the next year’s meals. I now have all the beans picked off of the arch, the north fence is cleaned off and most of the east fence is cleared. I have the south fence, a couple short rows in the garden and a row in the pumpkin patch to harvest yet. I like to plant only one kind of plant I am going to save seed from in the pumpkin patch to help it not cross pollinate. This year I am saving seed from my black beans in the pumpkin patch and next year I will plant another kind of bean over there.

By Tuesday of next week the sweet potatoes that were dug up last week will be cured out and I can start digging the ones in my 26 barrels. In preparation we wanted to come up with a place to store them where mice that usually find their way in when temps cool off will not be able to eat my sweet potatoes. In the past I have lost several to mice and don’t want that to happen to this wonderful harvest.  We had these wire cages from the attic that Duane’s grandparents put their flour etc. in during their day. We turned one on its back with the door working like a lid. I will put the cured potatoes in here. The hail screen should keep any rodents from getting into my sweet potatoes.

With Duane’s help the root cellar is much tidier and even feels more spacious. And thanks to him the wood box bench for by the fire pit is now out of the basement and outside by the fire pit. I picked up some sticks and we broke some up to start filling it for fires this fall.

Due to our recent bout with Covid we chose not to go to my family reunion as it was our first day off quarantine and we did not want to have anyone not come because of us. I wish that we would have made a video call of some sort to say hello to everyone. Hind sight is better than foresight. My cousin sent me a picture and there weren’t very many there this year. Hopefully next year will be a better turn out. I am looking forward to a visit here at the farm the end of the week from my cousin from Arizona. I haven’t seen her in a few years and it will be a joy spending time here on the farm.

Today Duane and I were very thankful to be able to return to church and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. There is something special that happens when we come together to praise Him. I would have to say that this week I have had a sense of something good happening in our lives and am sure the Lord has equipped me to walk out what it is he has for us. One day on a walk in the evening I got this wonderful picture of the sun setting. In the clouds it seemed there was a shadow in the sky that reminded me of how the Holy Spirit is often depicted. The message I seemed to be getting is even in quarantine He is here with you. I have a wonderful sense of the Lord’s presence as I move into this next week.

 This week has been such a sweet time, where I worked hard but took naps, watched my husband work from our not so comfortable dining room chairs and still be there for me when I needed a hand carrying something to the basement. I could also pop in when his expression depicted discomfort and rub his shoulders as he worked. No words required.  If this was a test how retirement will go then I think we will be just fine. I would have to say that it isn’t always absence that makes the heart grow founder. I have truly enjoyed the last couple weeks with Duane being home and am looking forward to the time when we can work together more here on the farm and wherever life takes us. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead