Monday morning early I picked the pear tree and got about a half bushel of bumpy lumpy pears on the green side. There were a few that were really ripe but most not. In the past my canned pears were mushy and I had read that this was the ideal time to pick them for canning. Once the pears were picked I weeded a row of strawberries and put the unruly raspberries back within their borders.

Tuesday I pealed dices and filled the canner the first time with diced pears. I did some other garden maintenance and in the evening I started the chore of mowing. We had a high possibility of rain for Wednesday.  I only got the orchard and around the house done by the time it started getting dark. The days are getting shorter

Minty Pears.

When I was looking for canning times in my mom’s old Kerr book I found a recipe for Cream De Menthe Pears. They had way too much sugar for our diet so I winged it. Wednesday morning I began pealing and dicing pears into lemon water to keep them from browning.  I drained the lemon water and filled each quart jar with diced pears. I then put 12 drops of liquid stevia in each quart jar 6 drops in pints. I used ½ teaspoon peppermint to 2 ½ cups of water for the syrup to pour over the pears and added green food coloring before pouring over the pears. 6 quarts and 1 pint took about 3 batches of syrup. The food coloring is not necessary but thought it would make them prettier on the table for Holiday gatherings and easier for Mr. Wade to tell the difference between them and plain pears. I then processed them for 10 minutes on 10 lbs pressure. We broke open a jar at the end of the week and wow are they good. I used the higher pressure because I was not using any sugar and did not add any acid to them. I have done this with apple sauce and it was good for a little over a year, but was not good much longer than that. I have not tested their shelf life with this so to be safe you could make a light syrup with a half cup of maple syrup, sugar or coconut sugar and your ½ teaspoon of peppermint to 2 ½ cups of water. Heat your jars and syrup before pouring syrup over your pears so you do not break your jars. Clean the rim of your jar, put your lid and ring on and process. If using the light syrup it is 10 minutes on 5 lbs pressure. Remember to let the canner cool for 45 minutes before removing the weight so your jars do not siphon liquid around the lid and fail the seal.   

Something else we tried this week was diced pears with Purslane. They were wonderful together and we didn’t feel we needed any other dressing on this salad

 It was foggy and the dew was heavy Wednesday morning so I finished my canning before finishing the mowing. I finished mowing as Mr. Wade got home from work. Then I mixed up a half gallon of BT spray to get rid of the worms I found on the cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. I was disappointed to find a big head of cabbage that had rotted. I need to watch them closer. Glad I don’t need to make kraut or freeze much cabbage this year. I also found several secondary heads of broccoli. I had enough for a snack and some left to steam the first part of the week. I did notice we are getting more pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Maybe there is still hope of having a big pumpkin give away again this year.

Thursday morning I woke up early to start watering the garden and getting ready to run into town for a little friend time at Brew’ha coffee shop in Columbia City.  It was fun catching up in the middle of our busy season.  One friend has Bender’s Orchard and the general public has no idea how much work is involved in maintaining their orchard to provide fruit to the public. The other has sheep, makes soap and does farmers markets along with weekly egg deliveries. I do a lot here but these ladies run circles around me.  It was a blessing they both were able to take the time. We all had the quiche which was wonderful and various drinks that we all enjoyed. At noon I had to break away and get home. I knew I needed to get ready for a camping weekend with people from Duane’s work and still had garden and laundry chores that needed done.

I picked up some tomatoes on the way home at a road side stand and stopped at a garage sale that I believe was a divine appointment to pray for the lady who was having it. When I got home I had thawed some frozen berries and made a berry crisp to take camping. I went to the garden and got all the cucumbers, used the tomatoes and an onion from the root cellar to make a salad.

 When Duane got home he hooked the power up to the camper so we could fill the refrigerator and freezer with the food we were taking. We worked together to get all the items in the camper we needed for a weekend of camping. By bed time we were hoping we were ready to hook up the camper and take off for the camp ground. It is only a few minutes from the house.

Friday morning I needed to finish watering the garden, I started the water and started weeding the strawberries while I was watering. I actually got the whole patch weeded. I kept moving water and started picking produce with the intent of giving away what we would not eat ourselves at the campout. I had lots of corn and zucchini to share. Duane was home by 3 and we were headed to the camp ground.

That night after we got set up and had eaaten supper one of his friends showed up with a T-shirt. It was determined that we would have 3 Teresa’s camping and for once I was #1. I only used one r in my name is how they came to that conclusion. Terresa #2 used 2 r’s in her name and #3 had an H.  It was a fun way to tell us apart. They had a scavenger hunt and Theresa #3 got first place (#3 was #1 too)and while I was visiting with her Duane finished up in second place. That evening they played Corn hole and Duane played. I have no idea where he placed but he was definitely not in line for a prize here. Some of those guys were serious about their corn hole skills.

Saturday night as the sun was going down, we decided that with us going to one of my niece’s baby shower on Sunday that we would go ahead and come home Saturday evening instead of trying to come home early Sunday morning and get ready for her shower in Noblesville, IN.  I am glad we did. We had a much slower paced morning and did not have to get up quite so early.

The baby shower was delightful. Her mother-in-law and sisters-in-laws really planned a cute and fun shower. One game we played was so funny. They had bottles filled with apple juice on chairs on one side and depends diapers on the floor about 10 feet away. You had a team of 2. One person had to put on the diaper and go set on the lap of the other. The other person had to feed the person with the diaper on the apple juice. Whoever emptied the bottle first won. I was blessed to get to hold a bottle while a kid that liked apple juice drank. LOL. In another game they removed labels from baby food and we had to tell what was in the jar by look smell and if you were brave enough taste. About half of us tied for first place. The shower was over before 3. We were home by 5 and I was ready for a quiet evening with Mr. Duane. Now I can show you a picture of a couple gifts I have been working on. She is having twin girls.

As I sit and reflect on what God has been speaking to me this week I would have to say it has to do with giving my all to him. This morning I woke up remembering a couple strange dreams I had. I am so blessed to have a husband who will pray with me and help me pray through what the message could have been in my dreams. Sometimes we have a false God hidden in our emotions and when we can get past that there is a true treasure to be found in Him. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.