Planting,Thinning,Weeding, Watering, Picking, Freezing, Shopping, Spinning and Weaving.

Keeping the weeds out of the strawberry patch has been a chore I have tried to keep up with while picking every night. I also have worked on weeding the other parts of the garden. The strawberries are slowing down and I am just getting around a cup a day. My cherries are ripening and if I am faster than the birds I get a few each day. I am hoping for enough to make cherry crisp. This is the first year there has been more than a handful of fruit on our little trees. I also discovered my red raspberries are getting ripe.  It is their first year that they have really taken off and produced berries too. These are also a race to beat the birds to.

It has been very dry this week. I didn’t realize how dry till Thursday when I mowed. The grass was brown in patches and my rhubarb was partially wilted. The worst was my blueberries. One bush has lost all its leaves and another one lost most of them. I looked up what would cause it and I guess I made a big mistake. I usually feed them azalea food each spring. I was out so just used some of the vegetable miracle grow. When reading up on what would cause my plants to loose their leaves over fertilizing and lack of water both could cause the problem. I sure hope I didn’t do them in. I gave them a good drink of water and it rained Friday. Our soil is sandy so they won’t get too much water. Hopefully it rinsed some of the fertilizer out of the soil.

Tuesday night my cousin contacted me about helping her take a chair to Ft. Wayne. I needed to get some things there too so I agreed to take her Wednesday when her apt. was to drop off the chair. I always enjoy days with her. It was a good day but between both of us getting up early and all the running we covered in the little time we had we were both tired by the end of the day. I played in the garden that evening and was thankful for a good day Thursday to get things done.

On Friday I went to Kimmell Tea House up the road. They were having a day where venders come in and sell their products. I needed more Goat Girl Soap so I went early while it was raining. We needed some groceries so I ran into town and got them and some screen. The cedar chips did not keep the little worms off of my cruciferous plants so I am going to try something else. I got enough screen to make one covering out of fence and the fiberglass screen. I am hoping this will keep the butterflies from laying their eggs on my plants. I just ordered more screen to try the same thing on my squash plants. I am hoping we can find enough old fence to make the hoops over them too. We have had rain so I am checking for eggs again on the cruciferous plants until I get them covered.

This time of the year I seem to feel overwhelmed. Between the fruit coming on this year on our new trees and bushes and the fiber arts my mind often drifts to how our ancestors did all they did to survive. Often this week I have struggled with how to get it all done, feeling overwhelmed with my to do list. I would get one chore accomplished to see many more that need done. I am so blessed to have all this wonderful food growing and a husband who works hard at work and home to help me out. He is my hero every day of the week. The little things he does like making my special drink and leaving it on the counter for when I wake up, and taking the time to rub my sore back muscles after a long day. He is one of the most precious gifts my Father in heaven could have given me.

During one of these times of feeling overwhelmed I stopped and asked the Lord to show me his way through all the chores. He began to show me things that could be let go and things that had to be done. Friday was a particularly scattered feeling day, but so much got done that day. Time spent with a friend, my shopping, I got part of the screen tent made to go over the cabbage, some weeding got done, and I even got to have a date night with my husband. There will always be weeds to pull, but time with Duane enjoying each other’s company was time well spent.

I was reminded that the weeds in the strawberries and asparagus have gotten out of hand for years and I still am getting produce from them. On Friday after sewing my screen together I looked over at my weaving loom. It was all strung up for making small rugs when I bought it. I also had a basket with a big ball and some little balls of fabric strips cut from sheets and connected before rolling in a ball. I worked a bit weaving some of this fabric and discovered a problem with how I sat the loom up. I fixed the problem and went back to weaving. I started getting back in a rhythm and before I knew it I had a 3 food section of rug woven. A pretty good start on the rug Duane mentioned he would like for out in front of the camper.

Saturday I completed the screen tent for the cabbage and installed it. got more paper and aged manure out to stop weeds from growing, weeded and picked cabbage worm eggs off the cruciferous and weeded while picking strawberries and weeded several of the raised beds.

The rain on Friday brought the seeds we planted on the conservation ground up and out of their dusty beds. Sunday evening we took a drive instead of a walk to avoid the deer flies and discovered the sprouting grain along with some of the sunflowers I planted.

This week when it got too hot out and I needed a break, or when I was waiting on the dryer to buzz or something to finish cooking I kept getting drawn into working on spinning my wool. I even spent some late nights that it might have been wiser to sleep spinning away. Saturday night I started plying it into yarn. I ended up with a tangled mess at first then figured out a couple things and with Duane’s help finally came up with a system that worked for me. I am now working it up to see it in a scarf.

This week we had some hot humid days and we had some hot dry days. I wanted a special frozen treat instead of ice-cream to enjoy that Duane could have too. Although it has a bit more fat than we usually have in a treat. it is still low fat and vegan. It was yummy and did not last the weekend.

  • 1 cups cleaned and sliced strawberries
  • 1/4 cup+ 2 tablespoons silk creamy cashew milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 teaspoon maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup silk, made with soy, yogart alternative

In a blender combine strawberries, creamy cashew, vanilla and maple syrup (you can use a little stevia or a little more maple syrup if your strawberries aren’t very sweet. Blend until it is a smooth even consistency. Pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen put cubes in a food processor with yogurt alternative and serve in desert dishes or put in popsicle holders and refreeze. Makes a dreamy cool desert low in fat and big on flavor.

When I think of what God has been saying to me this week I would have to say he was screaming slow down girl and take the time to listen. I have a better way. Not always the easiest way but a way that will accomplish what he needs me to do instead of my little perfectionist way of doing things. God is good and I am blessed here on the Wade Homestead.