Low Fat Vegan Mushroom and Spinach Rotini

3 cups rotini noodles

3 cups mushrooms sliced

6 garlic scapes or 3 cloves of garlic sliced

2 cups unsweetened non dairy milk

2 tablespoons oat flour

3 cups chopped fresh spinach

¼ cup nutritional yeast

1pt white beans drained and rinsed

¼ teaspoon thyme

Pinch nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste

Bring a large sauce pan of salt water to a boil and add the pasta. Cook pasta amount of time recommended on packaging mine takes 7 to 10 minutes.  In a small sauce pan on med. heat put 1 cup of mushrooms and garlic in and simmer in enough water to cover it until they are tender. If they get dry you can add a spoon more of the water from the pasta water. It is Ok if they cook almost dry but you don’t want them to get totally dry and burn. This usually takes about 10 minutes. When pasta is done drain and set aside. While mushrooms and pasta are cooking put 2 cups of milk in a large glass or qt  jar. Add remaining spices, oat flour and the nutritional yeast. Use a wire whisk and mix well. Pour this over the mushrooms and garlic and blend it with the emersion blender. After blending turn down to a simmer and add the mushrooms and white beans and cook about 5 minutes. Last add the remaining spinach and serve after it is wilted.

This week has been a weeding, thinning, planting and picking week. The strawberries are in full swing and we are enjoying the berries. Hunter Duane has eliminated 3 raccoons this year and the neighborhood efforts must be working. We are finally getting some of the fruit from the patch. Last year between us and 2 other neighbors we got rid of 70 raccoons. They stripped my strawberries before they were ripe and destroyed my raspberry vines. I am so thankful we are not having as much trouble this year.  Wednesday night I finally got the whole patch weeded. It was getting hard to find the berries.

I also got a big portion of the asparagus patch weeded but will not get that done this week. It is still producing wonderful asparagus. In a couple weeks I will stop harvesting and let them grow to feed the roots. I will hopefully be able to get them weeded and mulch them with manure to also help feed the roots. Their abundance this year has amazed me.

 I did get enough weeded this week to be able to get the soup beans planted around the fence on the outside of the garden. I put together a couple other trellises in the garden and planted more soup beans there. I then took the type of beans I want to save seed from and planted them in the pumpkin patch

 I put a small rectangle with 20 corn seeds around a foot apart and mapped out spaces for 3 more plantings like this. 4 seeds wide by 5 seeds long each having a foot of space between them. My little rectangles should give us some fresh corn on the cob and a few ears to share with others. By grouping them this way I am hoping they pollinate better and grow nice full ears.

I have had another challenge this week. I am sad to report that the cedar did not deter the moths from laying eggs on my cruciferous plants. Though it has not been as bad as years past, they are definitely starting to lay their eggs and hatch worms. With the wonderful rain we have been having it has also kept me from spraying them with BT.  Each evening before heading for the house I have been going over my plants and removing any of the yellow egg sacks I find and also getting any worms that are on the plants. I have too many other projects going on now to do it, but am hoping in the future to be able to make screen coverings for these vegetables to keep the bugs out and eliminate the need to spray them.

This weekend is packed with plans with family and friends. Friday we had a cook out with family. I took fresh strawberries, angel food cake, and squirt whipped cream. This was a hit with the kids. They like to have it squirted in their mouths. We had lots of giggles and fun with that. I am thankful Duane’s sister invited us out. Duane had his bean burgers and I enjoyed brats and green beans along with desert.

Saturday I was up early. An old family friend was coming to mom’s house. Mom said that her friend and her daughter were coming and talked about ordering chicken from Richards. Earlier that week I was making duck egg noodles for company we are having Sunday.   I also roasted the last of our chickens we raised before the big vegan change. I then added a couple tablespoons of vinegar, some spices and covered it with water to cook for 24 hours. I ended up with enough broth and meat for our guests this Sunday and a half gallon of broth to take to mom’s with a bag of noodles and canned 4 quarts for future surprise guests.

 Boy was I glad I took the big jar. When our company pulled up, Mom’s friend and all four of her daughters got out of the car. I added a little more water to the noodles. They were plenty thick and we had leftovers. What fun it was catching up with these girls. When I was in grade school I lived with their family for a while. We had had a house fire and I stayed with them so I didn’t have to change schools.

The day I was in the kitchen making noodles a song about how good my Father in heaven is kept going through my head. My niece Katie had given me some beautiful duck eggs and I was enjoying making noodles again.  One of the verses was about how his goodness makes me sing with joy and this was how I fight the enemy. I started a vegan lasagna as words came to me to sing that had to do with when things are not going right, in the storms and trials how he is faithful. A friend of mine was coming to teach me how to spin my wool. We were supposed to start at 10, but now she was arriving a little after 11.  She and her husband were riding their bikes 9 miles to our house. Twice she let me know they had to turn back. The second call I was able to offer them the vegan lasagna for lunch along with asparagus, because I got that done earlier than originally planned. While waiting on them I got a call about a mix-up on paper work that will take some work to get straightened out. When this call came I was able to get some of the information to clear up the mix up before my guests arrived. After the initial panic about the situation I quickly remembered my little time with the Lord this morning singing my little song about praising him and him being faithful. I was able to turn my fears and anxiety away and start working towards getting the problem resolved. When the anxious feelings would start to raise their head I could stop them in their tracks with words of praise for how our Father in heaven is going to work this all out. My husband took a half day off work and we believe we have it all figured out. I guess the theme for this week for what God has been teaching me is “There’s Power In The Praise” even when it looks impossible and feels scary. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.