The whole week has seemed a little off and how can the week be over already. Tuesday I wanted to get some tea to my cousin who is fighting cancer. She lives in the same town where my Aunt Mary is in the nursing home and after a year with no visits I scheduled our second visit with her. Making the visit before noon was good because she was more responsive and between my cousin and I she seemed to enjoy the conversation more. Something I never thought of doing with an Alzheimer’s patient was to thank her for the wonderful things she has done in my life. My cousin started the conversation and oh how her face beamed as we both thanked her. She really enjoyed the flowers that were planted in the little outside space where we visited with her too. I believe my sister Anne planted them because she enjoys them so much. What a joy our visit was.

Wednesday I worked on the garden and yard until early afternoon then got cleaned up and headed to town to go with Duane to a doctor’s appointment. He has a hard time hearing and understanding them and prefers I go with him to his doctor appointments.  

Thursday I took asparagus plants I had dug to a young lady who is a busy mom, farm wife and is adding on to her home. As she showed me all she has been up to she apologized over and over for things being a mess. I thought she was doing exceptionally good keeping things cleaned up with all she has going on. When she said all your pictures make things look so nice and neat on your posts, I realized I need to be more honest with my posts and take some pictures of the messes in our house and include them in what I write. When you are trying to get things done sometimes you have to choose what is most important and put your blinders on and get busy. During spring planting sometimes dishes set for a day, sometimes it is already 10:30 PM when you fold the last of the clean cloths and you are falling asleep folding so you put them away in the morning. You wake up prioritize what you are going to do the next day and get it done.

Thursday night as I was getting ready for bed I got a message from a friend offering me a plant for my flower beds that would work perfect for a spot I had not found a perennial for. I had not visited with her for a long time and I was excited to go see her in the morning. Her gardens are beautiful and it was neat to see what she only dreamed of when we were younger. She also had lily of the valley that was thick and beautiful. She agreed to me getting a couple starts of this too. I was so excited. I have bought bulbs on sale a couple times, but they never came up when I planted them. I put them in around my wood shoot to the basement and hope they do well there. This is under my living room window and when they bloom I am looking forward to their fragrance drifting through the house.  I am so thankful for this friend I have had over the years. Seems when we get together it is like your conversations just start where they left off.

All week between our trips here and there we worked on the gardens. Duane was off work Monday and I was glad for his help. I now have 13 raised beds total.  The cruciferous, herbs, and sweet potatoes are in one space.  Then in another space I put in a whole 40 to 50 ft. row of raised beds. In one I planted green beans and corn along with some pole beans, and radishes in the outer block holes.  Then I planted 3 different melons, zucchini and betternut squash each in their own bed. The outer holes in these blocks I planted marigolds and nasturtiums. In each one I also dug up some of the volunteer dill and planted where the plants will vine. These are all plants that deter squash bugs. Duane was my hero laying out all the cement blocks for my raised beds, he also  bought ten 55 gallon drums, cut them in half and drilled holes in them so they will drain. I sat them up and he filled 5 of them with dirt. All together I now have 26 barrels filled with dirt and each one has its own sweet potato plant in it. I can dig it. LOL I did a lot of digging this week

We had put all the leaves from the back yard on the garden along with a dump truck load of horse manure last fall. Duane then tilled this all into my sandy loam garden making an organic rich top soil. I had him till it again this spring. Last week I laid out the plans and moved the rich loose soil where the blocks would set to the center of where the raised beds would be. Duane then laid them out and I filled them all the rest of the way up with the dirt from the isles between the beds. Once my barrels were in place this week we took more of that rich deep soil from a space I have marked out and filled the barrels and planted our sweet potatoes. Duane then tilled the space one last time and raked what was left of the rich soil out across where we took soil for the barrels. I will plant sweet corn in this space and once it is up I will take the bedding left from when we had chickens and mulch between the stalks of corn with it. I leave a little space between the mulch and stalks so I don’t burn them with the hot rich chicken manure. The corn loves the nutrients from the chicken manure and the mix is so rich it usually keeps the weeds down between the corn rows. Our chickens have been gone for a year now so I will probably lay some newspaper under the mulch to be sure and deter the weeds.

Friday was a race against the clock. My lilac and my mock orange bushes needed a trim, the last of the sweet potato barrels needed filled and planted, things needed watered and the camper needed packed. I even got one fence row planted with more soup beans. When Duane got home he was so helpful in getting it all done. We worked until late and needed to get up early to have everything ready to head to my brother’s for the weekend. One niece was having her graduation party and another niece was expecting twins and was having a gender reveal party. We are still figuring out the camper and each trip we get another thing fixed or learn something new to make the trip go easier next time. Our packing went much smoother this time and we did not forget any vital items.

Saturday morning we picked up mom and headed to my brother’s house. He let my other brother use his building to host my niece’s graduation. It was decorated so cute. My little brother put in a place for campers with a dump station, power and water. We and another brother’s family both were able to set up our campers. What fun it was to spend time with family and to see some of the people we spent time with over the years when spending time with my niece. The food was over the top good and catching up at a family event after not having them for so long was wonderful. I am so proud of my niece. She is a little power house to be reckoned with. She was into so many things and still made good grades and was respected by teachers and fellow students alike. I am excited to now get to see her adventures in adulting. I have a feeling she will be awesome at it.

Sunday morning we went to church in my old stomping grounds. We joined my brother’s mother-in-law at her church. I was looking around because I knew a couple class mates went there too. A friend from high school sat right next to us. I wasn’t sure it was her but decided to be bold and ask. It was and we had lunch together before picking up my mom and heading to the gender reveal party. Again the decorations were over the top cute. We got to see more familiar faces and catch up. The dart board with balloons was fun and we ended up finding out I get to make pink things for the expected twins. I am so excited for them. They have some pretty special parents.

This morning early I got up at 1 AM thinking it was later than that and went to the bathroom. While there I thought I heard Duane shuffling through the house. I did not remember the light being on in the closet next to the bathroom when I walked in and turned the bathroom light on, but when I turned it off the closet light was on. I figured it was Duane trying not to wake me as he got ready for work. I shuffled off to bed wanting to get back to sleep instead of having breakfast with him. I was still very tired. When back in bed I reached for his pillow and he was on it. I woke him up doing my best to keep him quiet and texted him what I thought was going on. We checked the whole house and figured out we did not have an intruder, but that the window was open at the top in the kitchen and a gentle breeze was causing the blinds to make a noise similar to Duane’s knight time shuffle sounds. Needless to say it took me a while to get back to sleep. The last thing I remember was thinking I need to relax and trust my Father in heaven to keep me safe. I was amazed that even with the early bed time last night I slept until almost 8 O’clock this morning.

This weeks recipe is Low Fat Vegan Cream of Mushroom soup

  • 1 cup chopped mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon tamari
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 cup rice I use black and brown
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 1 qt unsweetened non dairy milk
  • 1 pint white beans
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 1 teaspoon miso
  • another cup mushrooms cut in slices or chopped fine

put mushrooms garlic and tamari in a 3 qt. pan cover with a small amount of water and cook until the liquid is mostly evaporated and there is a little caramelization. Add rice, nutmeg, thyme, non dairy milk, beans, nutritional yeast, and miso. Bring to a boil on med. heat stirring constantly. This soup likes to stick to the bottom of the pan. Turn the heat to low and blend it with an emersion blender. If you do not have one you can cool the soup and run it through a food processor or blender. Add in the other cup of mushrooms and bring back up to temp. Your soup is ready to serve. It is a hardy soup on its own or ladled over steamed veggies. If you are eating potatoes it would be good with them also. We had it plain with a salad and also over some steamed asparagus the next day.

This week my struggle was how do I not let the weeds of busyness choke out my relationship with the Lord. I had times with him but I cannot say that I was totally successful at this. With all that needed done, there were a couple times when I lost my cool. There were times that after the fact I wished I would have stopped and asked God to show me what to do. If I had maybe I would have saved more time for him. There were times when I should have chosen him for my rest time instead of a mind off zone in front of the TV. All in all He was faithful and still amazed me with his help and intervention. My house is naturally messy when I have so many things going on and today I put laundry in the washer, have seeds set out to plant, my weeding and planting cloths are on and I am starting a new week refreshed by the thick presence of my Father in Heaven felt during worship at the church we attended on our adventures this weekend. I am so blessed and despite all the little hiccups in life, I could not imagine a better life. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade homestead.