It has been an awesome week and I am thankful for it all. The hot sunny days, the cooler days and the beautiful rainy days.

Monday was a hot sunny day. I was able to get one raised bed filled with dirt and manure mixed. I planted the north half in Asian Sweet Corn from our friends Tammy and Keith Porter of Shelby NC. The south end I put in Jade Beans, my favorite green bean so far. They are meaty and tender even when the get very large. In the holes in the cement blocks I planted radishes, and some beans in the south end and in the holes on the north end I planted some pole soup beans and tried a little experiment to see how corn will grow in the small amount of soil that is in the block.

On Tuesday I was up and at it early hoping to get things done during the cool of the day. I started laying out the plans for the row of raised beds I wanted to put in. I got out the tape measure, grabbed some lath stakes and string. I measured the first bed and used these measurements to mark out each consecutive bed and the isles between them. Once they were all marked out I got out grandpa’s old coal shovel. It is just a bit wider than my block. I started just inside my marked off area for the raised beds and scooped the loose soil off the top creating a level place for my husband to lay the block. I piled this in the middle of where the raised bed would be. When I went to the house for a break I giggled. It looked like I had several new graves in the garden.

After my break I took some half blocks and put in the smaller raised bed at the end of my row. Once I got this done I realized it was too much for me to be lifting these blocks and I would need to wait to finish the raised beds until Mr. Wade or someone else could help me.

In the cool of the evening I went out and got my garlic and onions weeded. I also discovered my beets and carrots are up and will need thinned soon.

On Wednesday I worked on cleaning my wool because it had cooled off so much. Mid morning I started mowing. When I got to the path in the woods I got a wonderful surprise. My cousin is fighting cancer in her lungs and had heard that a tea with plantain was helpful in the fight. She asked if I could get her some. I came to a place on the path where the plantain was thick and the leaves were huge. There were enough leaves after dried to fill half a gallon bag. 3.5 oz. of dehydrated plantain leaves. I will be able to deliver them this week.

Thursday and Friday it rained. I spent the day cleaning wool and finally got the worst of the mess sorting the chopped up wool from the wool that is long enough locks to wash. I still have 4 more bags put up to sort later. I then washed one of the sorted bags of wool and have started picking out the straw and burs and combing it out. A friend has offered me a spinning wheel to use if I will teach her when I get the hang of it. I think I will call another friend and ask her for some help learning the basics. These will have to be rainy day projects for now though. I feel behind in the garden work.

I was so thankful for the rain and that I had not pushed to get barrels for planting my sweet potatoes. On Thursday and Friday nights the temps were below 45 degrees and that makes sweet potato plants very unhappy and sometimes will kill them.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and when I walked out the door to start work in the garden I spied the most beautiful cluster of oyster mushrooms on the stump we want to put a glass table top on. I got around 3-1 gallon bags of oyster mushrooms. They are so good fixed with a little tamari in the air fryer. I think next time I fix them I will put them in a deeper dish though. They make a lot of juice cooking.

Duane was my hero Saturday. He loaded and unloaded all the block and put together the other 5 raised beds in my row of what looked like graves earlier this week. I filled them with the loose soil and manure that was between the beds and they are ready to plant tomorrow. He also found and bought the barrels and cut them in half for my sweet potatoes. I should have enough for 24 plants this year. Hopefully tomorrow I will get them cleaned and filled with dirt.

Saturday evening I picked my first strawberries of the year and Duane did dishes. We then took an evening ride on his motorcycle. It has been 14 months since it broke down and he finally has it up and running again. Sure was nice to jump on the back and go for a ride even if it was a bit cool.

This weeks recipe is a low fat vegan corn bread recipe.

The cooler temps were great for soup. Corn bread is always welcomed with a big bowl of soup.

  • 1 1/4 cups sprouted wheat flour
  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 1/4 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 1/4 cup unsweetened non dairy milk
  • 1/3 cup applesauce

In a medium bowl mix dry ingredients. Add milk and applesauce and stir till well combined. Line a 9×9 pan with parchment paper and bake at 400 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes until golden brown.

This week has been filled with wonderful ideas just popping into my mind and many times where the Lord has confirmed that being still and not complaining and waiting for the help was just Him helping me to have a better life. One I am hoping works is using Cedar chips to mulch my cruciferous plants. Hoping it will discourage the white moths that lay their eggs. When the little worms hatch they can destroy your plants in a short period of time. I am also planning on putting marigolds and nasturtium plants in the holes in the blocks around my squash and mellon plants. This is supposed to discourage the squash bugs that have in the past devoured my plants. I was feeling impatient about not getting everything in the garden when I usually do and then read that if you wait till June to start squash and other vining plants like mellons and cucumbers this will help discourage the squash bugs. I am learning to be more patient and also to trust the Lord and just do what I can each day.

Today Pastor Carolyn talked about knowing what God’s word says about us and life following Him. Then when we do get in a difficult situation we have his word to declare over even the most difficult of situations. She related this back to some heart trouble her husband had recently gone through. It reminded me of the wonderful and beautiful gift God gave me a couple years ago when Duane went through his heart attack. How we are both living better lives because of it. God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.