We were so busy last week I didn’t get the lawn mowed. By Monday I set the mower on 4 inches and started the chore despite it feeling cold and looking like rain. My nose was drippy but assumed it was because it was cold and damp out.

At the first of the year we roofed the South side of the chicken coop and had solar installed. Duane salvaged the metal roofing for one of the other buildings that needs a new roof. This has been setting on the ground since January. I am going to raise a big Hallelujah! It is now in the loft of the coop waiting to be installed on another building. One less thing to mow around.

A part of getting this done was getting 2 big kegs out of the loft and into the back yard to eventually make a place for an old sink and a place to set food if we have a cook out. It will be nice to have a place to clean veggies from the garden. I can keep some of the mess outside and not in my kitchen.

Duane also helped me get my fig tree into the green house to plant it in the ground. It was root bound in its pot and I had done some reading about it not producing fruit if it did not have appropriate soil. It can survive to 15 degrees and we do run a little heater in there in the winter. Maybe it will actually be fruitful out there. If not it’s days on the homestead are numbered.

By Monday night when we came in the house to get ready for bed I realized my runny nose was not from the cold, but was a cold. I spent most of the week resting. I did get out one day after it warmed up a bit to plant peas. Friday night I set the mower back to a lower length and mowed the biggest portion of the yard again. The longer length I cut it was starting to look shabby.

I did get a lot of rest time this week, eating soups with garlic, and eating oranges. One sunny day I went out and started spreading wool under my little cherry trees. I discovered something beautiful in these bags. Lots of soft wavy fibers that would be a shame to just lay on the ground to prevent weeds. I started sorting out the best wool in that bag and now have another bag in the house. Between naps I have been picking out the best wool and putting the rest in the empty feed sack for my garden. I have 3 Walmart Bags of wool picked out for washing and processing. Who knows how many bags I will have when I get done going through all 6 feed sacks.

I am amazed at how the wool clings to the ground and does not blow away. One thick layer of this keeps the weeds down and should make walking those garden paths more enjoyable. A couple years ago my friend Teresa Akey told me to put some under my tomatoes to keep flea beetles down. It worked then I tried it under my cherry trees and it worked there too. It seems to grab hold of the soil and then once it rains it makes a puffy felt like layer between the sun and the soil.

Still fighting a cold but feeling much better Saturday I weeded the place I want to put in raised beds with the cement blocks from the removed rental foundation. I now have 5 raised beds put in and most of the area between the beds and around the 2 Cherry trees covered with wool. Now I am working on filling the beds with soil and aged manure. I want to move some of my herbs to these beds. They are beginning to take over the main path going through the garden and I would like to put more flowers at the entrance to my garden and around the outhouse.

I have had two cut in half plastic barrels in my garden for a long time. I am going to try something new this year. I will put a sweet potato plant in one and cucumbers in the other where I have installed a trellis. To help clean the farm up Duane said he would start bringing these barrels up from various places on the farm and cut them for me to put in as raised beds. Thinking about the future when getting down on the ground to weed may not be the smartest thing to do.

I basically made a lot of dump beans, rice and veggies in with lots of garlic soups this week so I do not have a recipe. Instead I would like to share pictures of the books that helped us to not only get my husbands diabetes under control, but has enabled him to get off of all but one of his heart meds. These books are full of wonderful foods that we never would have imagined would be able to be eaten on a diabetic diet. I will give you one word of caution when you do this. Please be sure you are dividing you plate properly. Keep in mind when eating this way that you need the beans (legumes) and grains (rice, wheat, barley, etc.), fruits and vegetables to be divided equally to get enough protein and the other nutrients your body needs. Also remember to take a B12, D and or omega 3 supplement. Pictured below are the vitamins we take. I am so thankful for finding a lifestyle medicine doctor to guide and walk beside us in our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

All in all I am amazed at what we got done this week despite me not being up to par. Here we are on Sunday. We did church online. I didn’t want to share my germs with others. I slept through a good part of the sermon, but my take from it was that we are all unique creations of our Father in heaven and he has given us all different gifts to use. What God has been speaking to me through this week is to praise him in all situations. To know he is working even this cold I am fighting to my good.

I was excited yesterday to find lots of tiny little fingernail sized fuzzy balls all over our peach tree and several little green cherries on the cherry trees. The strawberries are blooming and setting on fruit too. I will be excited to harvest fruit from our trees this year. I have not checked the apple trees yet but am hoping for a cider press harvest this year. I only have one or two quarts of cider vinegar left from the last year we were able to press cider. I will miss it when it is gone. I have learned to love mixing a couple tablespoons of this a teaspoon of black strap molasses and then fill the glass with water and ice. Sometimes I add a sprinkle of ginger and mix it in. A stout drink I learned to drink in the summer. I love it but it might challenge some people’s pallets.

This afternoon Duane and I took a walk back in the woods and saw a beautiful red bird that did not appear to be a cardinal. I tried to get a closer picture but it flew away before I could take it. It sure felt good to be out walking in the fresh air surrounded by the beauty of the woods. Our little water hole is full again which leads me to believe that the spring is flowing again in the woods. All in all God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade Homestead.