Hello I am Teresa and my husband is Duane. We were married in 2012 and so started the Chronicles of the Wade Homestead. I have been on FB for quite some time giving weekly reports on the goings on here on the farm. People have encouraged me to write a book or do a blog so here we go. I am going to start with a blog and then see if the book part falls into place. This blog will have a weekly report of things we have done here on the farm and I will try to include some recipes and instructions on how we have done them.

I love growing and preserving food. I have a one third acre garden and can preserve a large portion of our food by freezing, pressure canning, water bath canning, dehydrating and fermenting. Last year I filled three large deep freezes and our root cellar with racks of onions, garlic and butternut squash. I can our fruit without sugar and make sauerkraut, can soup beans, make pickles, jelly, maple syrup, all kinds of vegetables and soups. I also enjoy planting a pumpkin patch every year. There is nothing like watching a little child stumble through the vines to discover a pumpkin half their size.

Because my husband is fighting diabetes and a heart attack he had in 2019 we have started seeing a lifestyle medicine doctor and have changed to a low fat vegan diet for him and for the most part for me (I cheat often). I have a desire to help others not to be as overwhelmed as we were when the doctors first started changing his diet. I am not a dietitian, but have tried many different diet styles to control his diabetes. From counting carbohydrates to the now low fat vegan lifestyle we follow. The latter works best for us as he is able to eat more of the foods he enjoys, but I can give pointers on the different diets we have tried if you do not want to go vegan like we have.

I am also working on redoing my husband’s family home (built in 1860) and am continuing to learn as I go. In the process I have done some repurposing of furniture. Each room has had its own surprises. Hopefully the last few rooms will not hold the challenges the first few did.

I enjoy doing things a bit the old fashioned way. A couple years ago my husband got me a weaving loom for my birthday. I made myself a promise not to set down and weave until I got our house done. I used to have a loom years ago. When we moved the new loom up to what will be my craft room the temptation was too great and I have practiced a bit. I have made our own soap and laundry soap for years. We have a wood furnace with propane as a backup source of heat and actually still have a working 3 hole out house at my garden gate, complete with holly hocks identifying where it is.

I also used to have an alteration shop in my home. Although I no longer do this I have extensive knowledge on how to do alterations and repair cloths. My granddaughters often challenge me to repair or make something challenging.

Our little farm has been a place where the saying “Perfect love drives out fear” (paraphrase of 1John4:18) has been its theme song for generations. When I married my husband we had a yard sale and I was taken aback by the people who showed up and wanted to walk through the house again or had a story of how his grandparents or parents had impacted their lives. His grandma cooked with wood up until 1983. His grandpa would say “Grandma cooks with real fire.

One of my favorite stories was the man I met at a farmers market. He said his father during the depression, had been put out on the street in a nearby town by his mother who could no longer take care of him. He remembers the Wades taking him home and keeping him until a family was found to adopt him.

Countless people shared about loaves of bread, pies, and other food dropped off when things were slim. Adults shared stories of being dropped off by the school bus here at the farm. When they got off the bus grandma would have popcorn and warm soft cookies for them and their parents would pick them up after work.

My husband and I, despite our failures at times to do so, would like our farm to still be remembered as a place where love drives out the fears of life and provides a place of peace for a weary soul. I would have to say I am one of those weary souls who have ended up here to experience the peace and healing that does not come from a place so much as it does from Christ. I am however still in process and have had my share of failures. Through it all, my husband has stood beside me, prayed for me, was patient with me when I was less than kind and cheered me on pushing me to believe in myself enough to start this blog. Being here on this little farm has taught me life lessons that have forever transformed and changed me. As I say on my weekly posts on FB, “God is good and I am blessed here on the Wade Homestead”.